Donna A.

I finally got tired of yelling and committed to listening to the recording on my way to and from work, which I anticipated being a huge effort. To my pleasant surprise, the course is so easy to listen to and within the first few minutes I was hooked. I immediately began implementing STEP at home with my children, ages 8 and 6. I can't believe what a difference STEP has made in our home!! In just the first days, I have changed the way I speak to my children - and MUCH LESS yelling.

- Donna A., mother of three children

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No time for a parenting workshop?

Aviva Schwab recorded all of her classes for two years and then edited the class discussions, lectures and participants' questions to create the "best" possible version. The Workshop Recording is ideal for people who cannot attend the classes in person due to distance or time constraints.

It includes the lively, enlightening recording along with a printable program booklet and handouts.

Bonus section: Hear how one of Aviva's sons (then a high school senior) feels about STEP when he answers participants' questions during the third class.

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Find out how parenting can get
easier instead of harder.

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Buy the Workshop as an instant download to play on your computer, smartphone, or other digital audio player. Printable versions of all handouts included.

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Note: Payments are processed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to check out. PayPal will let you securely enter any major credit card without a PayPal account. New York residents must pay sales tax (calculated in shopping cart).

*The price for the recording is not a misprint. Aviva has always said that if everyone knew how to use this effective and caring method of discipline, we would have world peace. To achieve that goal, she is offering the MP3 download for a nominal fee. Enjoy!

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The workshop recording has earned
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I've just started listening to your program and I can tell already that it is excellent - just what I need.

- Rebecca Kochenderfer,
    Senior Editor & Co-Founder Approval Logo

Thank you for STEP. Working with the downloaded MP3s has transformed my relationship with my daughter. The system is a bargain! So many issues were surfacing before. There was screaming, tantrums and a major regression in her maturity and habits. We were so worried but it is all good now. She is thriving and happy. Also, thank you for the one on one telephone and email consults.

Eight months later, the relationship with both of my children has improved exponentially. I share a closeness with my daughter that I never imagined possible. For many of her years, she screamed and cried when she could not have her way. Now we communicate, laugh and spend so much time together. When I ask her to do something she says "Yes Dad." I never asked her to do that. It came naturally.

- Adam W., father of two children

Lynn A.

These CDs [now an MP3 download] are a gold mine!

We make people take driving classes and train for every profession in life except parenting. Raising happy, healthy, loving people is the most important thing we do as parents. STEP gives you the tools to accomplish this.

- Lynn A., mother of three children

Listening to the recording is just like being in the class.

- Jim L., father of 2 children

My husband, who thinks you should follow your gut when it comes to parenting, has noticed such a big change in our son's behavior that he is starting to listen to the recording.

- T. P. F., mother of one child

I just wanted to give you an update on my daughter: much, much, much, much, much, much, much better!

- Ingrid B., mother of one child

The CDs [now in MP3 format] are hilarious - I have to be careful not to laugh out loud at the fitness club.

- Jen D., mother of three children

Dana J.

I recently brought one of the CDs [now an MP3 download] to the park to lend to a friend who was meeting me there. The way she asked, 'Do you have it? Did you bring it?' made me feel like I was involved in a drug buy! But I have to say that this recording is better than any drug.

- Dana J., mother of two

Washingtonville Pediatrics

Many parents return to us after taking Aviva's course or listening to her recording and their only regret is that they had not done it sooner (like the last two times we recommended it).

- Washingtonville Pediatrics

I enjoy listening to the recording so much that I never want to get out of my car!

- Roberta M., teacher and mother of two children

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