Aviva Schwab, M.Ed.

Aviva Schawb

Aviva Schwab has made Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) her life's work. She has used the STEP method extensively with young people in school and camp settings as well as with her own children and grandchildren. In the New York Metropolitan area, her classes were featured on both ABC and NBC News. Articles about Aviva's work with parenting have appeared in numerous publications including Disney's Family Fun Magazine. Aviva offered STEP workshops for 27 years, teaching the program over 300 times. In addition, the recording of her classes is used by parents, educators and pediatricians around the world.

Aviva writes:

To everyone who cares about children:

I feel very fortunate that I was introduced to Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP). Because of STEP, my sons have developed into responsible, compassionate adults. STEP has even helped me in my relationship with my husband! I know it sounds syrupy, but STEP enabled us to raise our children in an atmosphere of cooperation and fun. Misbehavior was dealt with in a calm, constructive way.

I also feel very fortunate to have the job of passing on the STEP method - both in person and through the workshop recordings. The only downside is the painful realization that there are still so many homes and classrooms that rarely experience "cooperation and fun." I truly believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone used the STEP method.

In Appreciation:

I am thankful for the knowledge and insights of Alfred Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs, Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., Gary D. McKay and Don Dinkmeyer, Jr. I feel privileged to pass on their unique understanding of children's behavior to new generations.

I am also grateful for the work of Louise Poloney, Henry Kasindorf, Joe Thoron, Scot Ziegler, Jacob Tanenbaum, HunterGD Web Design, Terry Friedman of Knight Creative Services, Inc. and everyone at both Prior King Press and T & M Digital Services. I am awed by their generosity of time and effort. Finally, I am indebted to all of my students for their input and inspiration.

Workshop Speaker

Presenter at workshops for school districts, hospitals, corporations, and meetings of parents of children with special needs such as adopted or gifted children or students with learning disabilities.

Here are some examples of large presentations:

This website is dedicated with love to Joel, Yoni, Jessica, Ami and Ronit, and all of the members of the Fettman, Gross and Schwab families who have served as guinea pigs, "tech supporters" and mentors.

Family Photo
Aviva's uncles, Irvin and Jack (students second from right in top two rows), at Sunday School, Whiting, Indiana, early 1940s.

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